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Forgive and Forget

Mistakes Happen…

We Understand, Nobody’s Perfect

Our Goal Is To
That's why we came up with the Hudson Nissan of Summerville “Forgive and Forget” program. We know that a credit score only tells a small part of a bigger story. Because most people have less than ideal credit, Hudson Nissan of Summerville developed a program to help people get pre-approved for a new Nissan based on things other than their credit score!

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Do you have a steady job?
Do you have friends or family members that can provide a good reference for you?

Whether you have poor credit, bad credit, or even have no credit, Hudson Nissan of Summerville “FORGIVE AND FORGET” program can help you drive off in a new Nissan today and our Special Finance experts can help you get your credit built or rebuilt. This program will allow you to increase your credit rating and give you the best possible rates in the industry!

General Manager, Hudson Nissan of Summerville started the “FORGIVE AND FORGET” to have his finance lenders expand their lending practices and lower their minimum guidelines and restrictions to meet special financing needs. Many times, the program requires little or no money down. Hudson Nissan of Summerville understands that a car can mean so much to someone and that’s why he wants everyone to have the ability to own a vehicle.

The “FORGIVE AND FORGET” program has helped thousands in the surrounding areas and it can help you too! You are more than your credit score and Hudson Nissan of Summerville can help you establish or rebuild your credit score and let you enjoy the new car, truck or SUV you deserve, with the payment you can afford. We'll work with you no matter your credit score, because we don’t like to look back… We want to help drive you forward!

Here’s How it Works!
“FORGIVE AND FORGET” program offers customers access to credit pre-approval that may not normally be available to those with less than perfect credit scores, bankruptcy, divorce, foreclosure, or repossession. The program relies on things other than credit score to get your pre-approval.

Your credit score is a track record of your payment history. It’s usually used to pre-approve you for future loans or credit. Sometimes things happen, like a late payment, and that can reduce your score, even though you are perfectly capable of making payments. To dealerships, your score may be low, and they may be fearful to pre-approve your car loan. With the “FORGIVE AND FORGET” program at Hudson Nissan of Summerville, we look at your job to tell us whether you can afford to buy a vehicle.

The bottom line with most lenders is they just want to know that they will get paid at the end of the day. If you can afford a vehicle and its monthly payment, our lenders are willing to overlook many of the bad marks on your credit report. So, if you have a steady job that you have kept for at least 6 months, the “FORGIVE AND FORGET” program can get you pre-approved!

At the end of the day, through this program, the biggest deciding factor will be your income. If you have concrete proof that you can afford a specific vehicle, this program can get you pre-approved.


    • Make sure the address listed on your license is current and matches your residence.
    • Must include the name of your agent and a reliable contact number.
    • Must include the name of your residence and a reliable contact number.
    • A recent pay stub stating your year-to-date earnings.
    • Self-employed individuals must provide two years of prepared tax returns.
    • A reference can include anyone that knows you personally, such as a family member or friend.
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We work very hard to get people pre-approved with our “FORGIVE AND FORGET” program and we want you to have the best outcome using our program. When you are pre-approved for your car loan, please remember to make your payments on time. This will allow your credit score to increase and allow you to get even better finance rates, the next time you buy a vehicle.

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